Christian Robin. Abraha: Myth or Reality

Dr Christian Robin, the founder of the French Center of Research in Sanaa (Yemen), 1982, is a highly acclaimed and widely published researcher in the history of ancient Arabia and Ethiopia. He has been a member of the national research center “Centre national de la Recherche scientifique” (CNRS) since 1970. He is the editor of the book : Alessandro de Maigret, Sabaʾ, Maʿîn et Qatabân. Contributions à l’archéologie et à l’histoire de l’Arabie ancienne (Alessandro de Maigret, Sabaʾ, Maʿîn and Qataban. Contributions to the Archeology and History of Ancient Arabia) (2012).

Abraha: Myth or Reality
The lecture investigates Islamic, Christian and Roman references to unravel the mystery that surrounded the existance of Abraha, a character wrapped up in fables and wonder. Is Abraha really a historical figure! The purpose of this lecture is to confirm that Abraha is indeed a historical figure, Professor Christian Robin will illustrate that with the ample information he gathered through his research which he can claim today that Abraha was one of the most important rulers in the history of ancient Arabia. He was a talented adventurer whose fate is quite similar to that of Bonaparte, thirteen centuries later.


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