Dr. Ziad Rajab. Glass of the Islamic World in the Tareq Rajab Museum



Dr Ziad Rajab is the Director and co-owner of the New English School and the Tareq Rajab Museum. Despite his origins as an engineer and as a specialist in Organisational Behaviour, he has always had a strong interest in history and geography as well as in culture.

Glass of the Islamic World in the Tareq Rajab Museum

Glass making is an ancient industry in the Middle East and the region is credited with the invention of various glass-working techniques including techniques that were invented during the Islamic period.  The Tareq Rajab Museum contains a large collection of glass from across the Islamic world and the collection is representative of the different regions and periods. The collection contains various methods of glass working, including blown glass, mold blown glass, mosaic glass, hot worked glass, engraved glass and enamelled glass. This talk will present a general history of glass making in the Islamic world as well as the different glass working techniques, using objects from the museum collection (as well as collections in other museums) to illustrate.


مركز الأمریكاني الثقافي
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