Evgeny Khamra

Pianist & Composer

Ukrainian composer andvirtuoso pianist

First composition writtenat the age of 7

Yamaha Artist

6 musical albums film scores writing

outstanding shows andconcert tours in Ukraine numerous performancesaround the world

Composer of the year2020

Owner of Dimitri TiomkinAward

Volvo Ambassador

Turkish AirlinesAmbassador

Annualy Evgenyorganises large-scaleconcerts involving

200instruments of theorchestra and 100singers of the choir


His most distinguished performances took place at:

  • The White House, USA
  • Buckingham Palace, GreatBritain
  • Mississauga Art Center, Canada
  • World Conference on Yamaha, Dubai
  • Government meeting, China
  • Diplomatic reception, Kuwait.
  • Petra, Jordan


ALBUMS – 2022

Event Horizon, part A – 2020

Freedom to move – 2018

The Wheel of Life – 2016

White Piano – 2015

Znamenie – 2013

Fairy Tale

Each year Evgenyorganizes charityconcerts for kids withdisabilities in the frameof Friendlv Space Autism-movement.

Evgeny is open for newcharity concerts!


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