Hiwar: Success is a Woman named Faten al-Bader

Women in Non-Profit Organisations

Women are perceived as more nurturing, so having a woman leading the charge for special needs individuals may not be a surprise.  However, being successful requires stepping into areas that are less ‘female friendly’, like legislative affairs, funding, community building. Do you think your gender made things easier, harder or was it neutral?

Community education is a huge part of establishing recognition for special needs individuals.  Did you find audiences more receptive to your message because you were female?

Did you experience any difference in how male special needs programmes were received compared to programmes targeting females?

Do you have to sacrifice ‘family’ to be successful in the non-profit world?

What do you wish you’d known when you started?

Many women have non-profit ‘passion projects’ that stagnate. What advice would you give women interested in making non-profit passions a success?


Yarmouk Cultural Centre
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