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Dr Ali Benmakhlouf: Philosophy in Andalusia: Logic, medicine, history

Nov 06, 2023


Yarmouk Cultural Centre


Ali Benmakhlouf
Dr Ali Benmakhlouf is a Professor at the University Mohammed VI Polytechnics, Director of the African Studies Center, and Honorary Member of the Institut Universitaire de France. He
is also a member of the Société Française de Philosophie, the International Institute of Philosophy, and a permanent member of the Académie National Academy of Pharmacy. His research focuses on the philosophy of medical science, the philosophy of logic, and the forgotten legacies of classical Arab philosophy. His latest book is L’humanité des autres, Albin Michel, France, .2023

Philosophy in Andalusia: Logic, medicine, history
Andalusian Arab philosophers or those of Andalusian descent from the 11th, 12th, and 14th centuries distinguished themselves in a wide range of philosophical fields. This lecture will focus on three: logic, medicine and history. Through systematic commentaries on Aristotle’s logic in the 11th century, Ibn Roshd raised logic to a fundamental level in philosophy. In the 12th, Ibn Tufayl made the care of the body a pathway to the highest spirituality. Finally, Ibn Khaldun, in the 14th, used the logical orientations of his predecessors to design a new science of human society. I will show that these philosophers played a part in the making of the first renaissance, a renaissance that preceded the one that has come to be known as “the Renaissance”.


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