Handmade Prayer Carpet Through History

“Handmade Prayer Carpet Through History”
Is one of the unique books you can find at the library of Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah at Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

This book was the fruit of the cooperation between the Research Centre for Islamic History, Arts, and Culture in Istanbul (IRCICA) and the Kuwait Islamic Arts Centre, in line with the prayer carpets displayed at the Kuwait International Fair, which was held from December 2013 to January 2014.
It reflects the deep Islamic art vision of prayer carpets in the different Islamic regions, as they symbolize the “right direction”. This was the inspiration that drove workers to use exquisite materials for carpets, such as wool and silk. The inspiration also allowed them to mimic the architectural designs of “mihrabs” at mosques, including columns and arches. The book covers both prayer carpets from the Islamic world and Sadu art in Kuwait. It also includes photographs of the carpets and the tools and machines used for their creation.

“Handmade Prayer Carpet Through History”
Prepared for publication: Nazeih Maarouf
Preface: Halit Eren
IRCICA, Istanbul, Turkey, 2014.
Arabic and English
395 pages

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