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Michele Zini: Architecture and Pedagogy in Dialogue

Jan 15, 2024


Yarmouk Cultural Centre


Michele Zini
Architect and co-founder of ZPZ Partners, Michele Zini is a specialist in education environments. He is also a contract professor at Design Faculty, Milan Polytechnic Institute. ZIni works closely with Reggio Children and INDIRE (Italian Ministry of Education), where he is involved with research and project development. He carries out professional work with ZPZ Partners, in architecture and interior design, in Italy and abroad (San Francisco, Tokyo, Emirates, Washington DC, London), with focus on the design of schools and learning environments.

Architecture and Pedagogy in Dialogue
Architecture and pedagogy in dialogue are powerful tools to support innovative education. The environment, which we take to be the total of spatial and sensory qualities including architecture itself, can determine the nature of the pedagogical project. New technologies imply new spaces for learning; the schools must change. The classrooms become home bases that are part of a more complex organism: a must-be beautiful and nurturing place. I will share design guidelines using our education projects in ZPZ Partners as case studies, from the book “children, spaces, relations – a metaproject for the environment for young children” and the work adventures with Reggio Children to the recent new design guidelines for the school of the future written for INDIRE/ italian Ministry of Education.


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