Yarmouk Cultural Centre


Yarmouk Cultural Centre (YCC)

The Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah and The al-Sabah Collection are pleased to call the Yarmouk Cultural Cente home. Like the Amricani Cultural Centre, YCC has a long history of serving the people of Kuwait in many different ways. Like the Amricani, today it continues this mission of service.

As the Yarmouk Secondary School for Boys, the buildings were a source of pride for the neighbourhood, educating young men from the area. Over the years, the school was a meeting point for families and friends; a gathering place for discussions on policies and practices and for shared celebrations. It was a place a place dedicated to learning, with a sense of community.

In 1991 His Highness the Amir Sheikh Jaber Ahmad (Ruler 1978 – 2006) established The Martyr’s Office to serve those made the ultimate sacrifice for their country during the Iraqi invasion and occupation (1990 -1991). The office has two primary purposes: to honor the memory of the martyrs and to ensure that the families of the martyrs are taken care of. For several years, while their purpose-built facilities were under construction, the Martyrs’ Office called the former Yarmouk Secondary School for Boys home. As such, the buildings continued to play an important role in Yarmouk and Kuwait society.

DAI will continue to build on the role of the facility in the neighbourhood – reaching out to the men, women and children of the community and Kuwait at large. During our cultural seasons, we demonstrate our respect for the roots of the buildings by offering quality programmes for all. Visitors to the centre can enjoy lectures, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and children’s programmes. Like the Amricani Cultural Centre and, ultimately, the Qibla Cultural District, Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah at Yarmouk Cultural Centre is a destination for art, culture, and conviviality.

What to do at Yarmouk Cultural Centre

The role of the Yarmouk Cultural Centre is very much community-based. There are two exhibition spaces available for special events: The Gallery and The White Room. In addition, a purpose-built theatre plays host to DAI lectures, concerts and many special events. Former classrooms have been repurposed for meetings and workshops, both as part of the DAI’s cultural season and for progammes offered by community organisations. A research library, rich with books that explore the art and culture of the Islamic world before and since the advent of Islam, offers the opportunity for discovery in a comfortable environment.

museum shop, featuring items inspired by the history and culture of the Islamic world is located in YCC.


Contact Information

Yarmouk Cultural Centre – Yarmouk block 3 street 3, opposite of Boubyan Bank. Office hours: 9-3 pm Shop hours: 9- 3 pm (9- 8:30 pm on event nights) Friday closed. Whatsapp: 65145981
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