Diriyah Manuscript Arts

The book “Diriyah Manuscript Arts” is a generous gift from Mr Hamad bin Abdullah al-Anqari to the library of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre.

The book sheds light on the history of Ad-Diriya in KSA. It focuses on its early period of receiving books, the history of papermaking, and calligraphy with its various schools and famous calligraphers. In addition, it shows the beauty of manuscripts with their geometric patterns and lines and focuses on how manuscripts portray the unique beauty of the process of bringing text and art into life without the need of any technological medium.

Diriyah Manuscript Arts
Al-Samari Fahad, al-Hunaihen Ayman, and al-Abdullatif Saad.
Diriyah Gate Development Authority, KSA, 2019/2020
Arabic and English
118 pages

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